Do You Need To Iron Egyptian Cotton Bedding?

Egyptian cotton is one of the most luxurious fabrics that money can buy. However, Egyptian cotton requires a little more care than a normal set of cotton sheets in order to ensure that the best is gotten out of the sheets. This means that there are some extra steps, especially in the cleaning process that need to be observed. However, there is one step that you can leave out entirely if you want to make sure your sheets last longer. That step is ironing.

Why You Should Not Iron Egyptian Cotton Sheets

Egyptian cotton sheets are very durable. However, they are still cotton and when you put cotton under the level of heat that an iron has it can start to wear down the material. The same thing happens to Egyptian cotton. You do not need to be putting a product that you spent a decent amount of money on under the heat of an iron because the results will ultimately disappoint you and devalue your investment.

So How Should I Get the Wrinkles Out?

If you really want to get the wrinkles out of your Egyptian cotton sheets then you need to simply hang them up and let them dry after you have washed them. The wrinkles will gradually work themselves out with a little help from temperature changes and gravity. With this method you do not have to use any chemicals, additional heat, or other sort of instruments. This is the best way to get wrinkle free Egyptian cotton sheets.